Busi­ness tra­vel


Boo­king your Busi­ness Trip with Aca­pa is a good choice.

Who is Aca­pa Tra­vel?

Aca­pa Tra­vel is an inde­pen­dent Swiss tra­vel agen­cy owned by the fami­ly. Aca­pa AG was foun­ded in 1988 and the Aca­pa Tours GmbH in 1999 by Rue­di Ellen­ber­ger. Today Aca­pa employs around 25 tra­vel con­sul­tants and sales dele­ga­tes on a free­lan­ce basis, spread over the who­le of Switz­er­land. You can con­sult our tra­vel pro­fes­sio­nals as well in one of our four Aca­pa bran­ches (Schinz­nach-Dorf AG, Gom­mis­wald SG, Mut­schel­len AG and Aar­berg BE).

Your busi­ness trips are in good hands

At Aca­pa head­quar­ter in Schinz­nach-Dorf are real pro­fes­sio­nals in reser­va­tions and ticke­ting at work. They are also trou­ble shoo­ters for the Aca­pa bran­ches and Aca­pa sale dele­ga­tes in all tech­ni­cal issu­es.

A total of 60 years of expe­ri­ence for busi­ness tra­vel: Rue­di Ellen­ber­ger, owner and mana­ger, with 35 years, Mari­na Läuch­li with 10 years and Nadi­ne Bill with 15 years expe­ri­ence.



Licen­ses / Mem­berships

Aca­pa AG and Aca­pa Tours GmbH are mem­bers of the Swiss tra­vel indus­try gua­ran­tee fund. Aca­pa AG is hol­der of the IATA licen­se 81258166 sin­ce 1995, and is aut­ho­ri­zed to issue air tickets world­wi­de. Aca­pa has resel­ler agree­ments with lar­ge tour ope­ra­tors such as Kuo­ni, Hotel­plan, Tui Suis­se, Rewe Group Ger­ma­ny and others.

Why Busi­ness Custo­mers count on Aca­pa?

Aca­pa advi­ses its busi­ness custo­mers per­so­nal­ly and indi­vi­dual­ly. This means for busi­ness tra­velers, no anony­mous online search tra­vel dates, ins­tead direct boo­king with a fami­li­ar Aca­pa tra­vel con­sul­tant. Our loy­al busi­ness cli­ents appre­cia­te much this ser­vice, they let orga­ni­ze their tra­vel trips for many years with us, becau­se we lear­ned the tra­vel busi­ness from the bot­tom up and we find the right flight and ade­qua­te accom­mo­da­ti­on or the good means of trans­port from A to B quick­ly and effi­ci­ent. Every day we are working up to nine hours in the air­line reser­va­ti­on sys­tems and are loo­king for the best deals and best solu­ti­ons for our custo­mers. Even if your busi­ness is based in Eng­land, in the USA or in Chi­na, we are your tra­vel agen­cy for tra­vel around the world.



Well con­nec­ted thanks glo­bal infra­st­ruc­tu­re

Aca­pa is con­nec­ted to the real time reser­va­ti­on sys­tem « Glo­bal Dis­tri­bu­ti­on Sys­tem Gali­leo » and IATA-licen­sed. With this direct access Aca­pa has the advan­ta­ge to orga­ni­ze the busi­ness tra­vel trips for its custo­mers rapidly and effi­ci­ent:

  • Access to all net­work air­lines and to all avail­ab­le seats and air­fa­res
  • Real-time boo­kings all over the world
  • Direct issu­an­ce and deli­very of air tickets via email for imme­dia­te use
  • Direct and imme­dia­te chan­ge and reis­su­an­ce of air­line tickets
  • Direct flight boo­kings with low-cost air­lines such as Easy­Jet, Ryan­Air and others
  • Direct boo­kings of hotels and car ren­tals via appro­pria­te data bases world­wi­de
  • Pay­ment of hotels and car ren­tals by credit card or with Aca­pa vou­cher

What is the cost of our ser­vices?

Sin­ce 1 Janu­a­ry 2005 the air­lines pay no com­mis­si­on for flight reser­va­tions and ticke­ting to tra­vel agents, the­re­fo­re Aca­pa is bil­ling sepa­r­ate­ly and trans­par­ent­ly a hand­ling fee:

  1. Admi­nis­tra­ti­on fee: CHF 40.- (fee per invoice)
  2. Air­line and IATA licen­se fee: CHF 40.- (fee per ticket and per pas­sen­ger)
  3. Con­sul­ting fee per hour: CHF 80.- (per order, regard­less of the num­ber of tickets and pas­sen­gers. Con­sul­ting fee is cal­cu­la­ted as a per­cen­ta­ge by the hour per 15 minu­tes)

Plea­se note that Aca­pa tra­vel con­sul­tants and sales dele­ga­tes may requi­re dif­fe­rent fees on a free­lan­ce basis.



For pri­va­cy rea­sons, we can not release custo­mer data. Our loy­al busi­ness custo­mers are a gua­ran­tee for our ser­vices with 3000 issued air tickets per year.